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Hi, I am Bruno Ethan. I am a treadmill lover. From my childhood, I have been unfit and have fatty weight. I felt hesitant and uneasy to complete my daily activities, even go outside. I have tried different ways to get a slim figure. But, I fail frequently. When I knew treadmills have encouraged millions of people to achieve fitness goals with ease. I tried and succeeded within a short era. Also, I achieved a bunch of information about multiple treadmills. 

Bruno Ethan

Why treadmillfolding.com?

Using folding treadmills, I get a lot of benefits. Not only weight loss but these are suitable for multi-purpose. I can burn lots of excess calories along with improving the strength of the heart & lungs to use treadmills. Most importantly, I am pleased especially for the advantage of keeping the tools in a small place. That is why I decided to create a treadmillfolding site from my practical experience. 

Treadmillfolding.com is the biggest resource site about treadmills. On this site, I discuss everything about treadmills. You will find here which treadmill is good for serious runners, which is suitable for walkers, and more. 

I also focus on what treadmills are the best for arthritic knees or seniors or home use. Remember, most of the treadmills come with a large footprint and are not enough for small spaces. Luckily, many treadmills work on the small spaces at home. They allow the running deck to the locked or wheels to move easily. 

Here I present multiple types of treadmills according to the customer’s requirements. From affordable to top rated products are available on this site. 


I believe in getting better every day. Want to share your thoughts or opinion about ‘treadmillfolding’? Or need any tips or suggestions about treadmill? Just right to me, I would love to answer you. Click here to contact me. 

Bruno Ethan

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Hi! It's me, Bruno Ethan. I am a treadmill lover. Here I have analyzed different types of treadmills and discussed how to use them perfectly. I believe this will help you to know better about the treadmill.